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Hydraulic pipe cutter
In stock 
Pipe cutting machine LYJ-475NCA Specifications: Model Unit LYJ-475NC LYJ-475NCA ∠ Angle ° 90 90 • Solid bar mm 30 40 Ο Round pipe mm 110 110 ¬ Angle steel mm 65*65 100*100 Π Trough steel mm 65*65 100*100
Group: Shearing machines
Pipe bending machine
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Pipe bender LDW-38A Specification: Model Unit LDW38A LDW50A LDW63A LDW75A Max.round pipe bending mm 38 50 63 75 Max.pipe thickness mm 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.0 Bending radius range mm 30-160 35-250 50-360 60-360 Bending angle range ° 0-190 0-190 0-190
Group: Pipes hydraulic with the electric drive
Pipe chamfering machine
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Pipe chamfering machine LDJ-50 Features: 1. Manual feeding, Automatic clamping 2. Hydraulic clamping and chamfering 3. Different models for different materials 4. Simply change cutter and gripperdie 5. Smooth and uniform bevel edge 6. Unique design makes the surface smooth 7. Speed change...
Group: Flat skimmers pneumatic
Semi-automatic pipe cutter
In stock 
Pipe Cutting Machine LYJ-400U Specifications: ∠ Angle ° 90 45 Ο Round pipe mm 110 110 ◊ Rectangle pipe mm 140*90 90*60 ◊ Square pipe mm 110*110 100*100 • Round bar mm 50 50 π Square bar mm 65*65 50*50
Group: Cutting machinery
CNC tube bending machine
In stock 
CNC pipe bending machine pipe bender LDW38CNC-3A-2S Advantages: 1.Automatic - automatic recognition of the material. 2.Easy operation - touch screen helps to control the machine 3.Beautiful workpiece - returning core helps to improve the appearance of the workpiece 4.Careful inspection -...
Group: Pipes with the closed frame independent hydraulic
Aluminium cutting machine
In stock 
Aluminum Cutter LGJ-360 Specifications: Model LGJ-360 Cutting capacity round bar ø90 m/m square bar 90m/m round tube 175*50m/m square tube ø110m/m Feeding length 6-600m/m (1800m/m for 3 times) Cutting speed ...
Group: Chopped aluminum
Circular saw machine
In stock 
CNC circular saw machine LYJ-90 Introduction: Circular saw machine LYJ-90 is consist of circular TCT sawblade, AC servo motor,loading magazine and so on. It is used to cut hard material like, steel, stainless, copper and aluminium, which is designed by our company Zhejiang Luosbg...
Group: Milling machines
Pipe expanding machine
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Hydraulic expander LSG-40 Features: 1. PLC control, hydraulic drive 2. Movable foot switch, can automatic and continuous stop. 3. Multiple processing mays: pipe reducing, pipe expanding and pipe blunting. 4. Easy to replace mold. Specifications: Model Unit LSG-40 LSG-50 LSG-80
Group: Equipment for production of pipes


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